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Hyperfly Canada

Hyperlyte 2.5 Terracotta Female

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The Hyperlyte has been an industry standard for years – Its quality,  durability, and simplicity in design. The Hyperlyte is irreplaceable. 

Jiu Jitsu is ever-evolving, yet its fundamentals and core remain the same. Since the first Hyperlyte was released in 2012, it has evolved while remaining faithful to its original concept as well. 

This Gi is 100% IBJJF legal and perfect for those seeking a lightweight competition Gi. The soft, superfine woven cotton provides a comfortable yet sturdy feel.  

The Hyperlyte has upgraded to utilizing internal, flat drawstrings, allowing you to get right to the rolling.



    • Simplified shield on arms
    • 350 gsm superfine woven cotton
    • One-piece construction with no back seam
    • EVA foam collar


    • 8 oz. twill pants
    • The icon stitch pattern on pants
    • Internal, flat drawstring

    *Not pre-shrunk - wash cold and hang dry*

    Weight by size:

    A0 ➔ 2.7 lbs    A2 ➔ 3.1 lbs    A4 ➔ 3.6 lbs 

    egal for IBJJF or UAEJJF competitions.