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Hyperfly Canada

JudoFly X (3)

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We are excited to release our third batch of the JudoFly X series, this time in a clean black and white style. 

Earlier this year the IBJFF announced internally that there will be releasing a brand new uniform rule set. One of those new rules will be no extra reinforcement in the sleeves. To make this gi IBJJF legal for 2021 we removed the reinforcement in this batch. 

The JudoFly X series is the ultimate heavy-duty-grip-breaking-guard-passing battle Kimono. Although it is a heavyweight gi, this Judo/Jiu-Jitsu blend uniform will not slow you down and gives you a clear advantage in any position. Your partner's grips will hate you for owning this gi. 

Like no other in the industry, this kimono comes close to the traditional origins of what Samurai used to wear underneath their armor. Tested and approved by top Hyperfly Athletes like Keenan Cornelius, Karen Antunes, Ana Vieira, and Lucas Rocha, this gi is a definite must-have and will not let you down.

*Next Restock: Expected late November / early December.


  • 750 gsm pearl weave
  • Double Weave Diamond skirt
  • Traditional Judo back seam down the back for extra support 
  • "HYPERFLY" embroidery across the back
  • "You Can't Teach Heart" print on inside 


  • 12 oz twill pants
  • "Hyperfly" embroidery down the right leg


  • Diamond Weave gi bag
  • Gi strings matching gi pants 

JudoFly Series gis fit larger than most other gis.  Additionally, due to the heavy weave it does not have a high shrink rate. If you are at the bottom of a size, we recommend you wear at least half-a-size down from what you normally wear (e.g. If normally A2, try A1L instead).

Due to the thick weave and heavy construction, loose threads may appear after first wash.

*Not pre-shrunk - wash cold and hang dry*