Junior Hyperlyte 2.0 White

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The Hyperlyte has been an industry standard for years - from a quality, to durability, to simplicity in design. The sport has evolved since the first release in 2012, and so has our vision and knowledge of Gi development. 

We are very excited to release this new re-imagining of the Hyperlyte. We put everything we learned from building high-performance Jiu Jitsu Gis over the years into this Hyperlyte model; it is the biggest update we have done to the Hyperlyte and we are certain it will soon become one of your kid's favorite Gis.

Now available in Junior sizes (Junior 0 - 8):

M0000 ➔ Junior 0             M000 ➔ Junior 1                  M00 ➔ Junior 2 

M0 ➔ Junior 3                   M1 ➔ Junior 4                      M2 ➔ Junior 5

M3 ➔ Junior 6                   M4 ➔ Junior 7                      M5 ➔ Junior 8

Our current colour-ways are: 

  • White with Black


  • Simplified shield on arms.
  • Reinforced layer of pearl weave inside the sleeves for stronger grip breaking.
  • 350 gsm superfine woven cotton.
  • One piece construction with no back seam.
  • EVA foam collar.


  • 8 oz. twill pants
  • Icon stitch pattern on pants
  • Elastic waist band on sizes Junior 0 - 2 
  • Stretch rope drawstring on sizes Junior 3 - 8
  • 4 x 3-inch wide belt loops keeps drawstring in place longer and provide a better fit
  • Reinforced layer of pearl weave inside end of pant for stronger grip breaking.

*Not pre-shrunk - wash cold and hang dry*

*Legal for IBJJF or UAEJJF competitions*